Yolo 21 – Hudson Lane

Yolo 21 – You Only Live Once but you can undoubtedly come here multiple times for sure.


Another gem of place on the very busy Hudson Lane, which is famous for its cafes and youth hangout places and Yolo happens to be one of the hot favourites with its pocket friendly prices and chilled out ambience.

Serving really high quality food at an amazing competitive and pocket prices indeed is the USP of this place which also happens be one of the very few cafes in the vicinity to have such huge indoor space. The place is very neatly done with fine taste and does not go over-board with the Quotes and Pictures on the walls. Doing justice to the university area, the walls on this place proudly wear Quotes from famous personalities coming from different walks of life and have photos of some famous faces to support the quote. Indeed a good idea executed brilliantly.

The place adorns a brown tone, matching and simple furniture and of course has a pretty decent seating place, all thanks to the area of the café.


Apart from noticing the interiors the moment you step into the café you would have your eyes staring into the live kitchen, where you can witness you little beauties (pasta, pizza, dessert) coming to life.

After a sweet conversation with the Owner Sukreet, I sat to try some of his recommendations and try some of very loudly heard things of this café

  • Baked Veg Nachos – A Nacho Fan would always have Nachos first of the table and which I did. The Nachos were served very elegantly in a white utensil along with the steaming, flowy cheese on top. The pure white cheese mixed with some herbs and with olives on top, looked beautiful. The first nachos in mouth tasted fantastic. The crispy nacho and the creamy, salt less cheese just did the trick. The cheese was without salt, in order to prevent an overload of salty flavour contributed but the Nachos and the masala of capsicum and tomoto lying underneath the mountain of Nachos. A must try for sure


  • Greek Salad – The salad looked so fresh and yummy, that it is above explanations and can be judged only by looking at the pictures. The greek salad had the ofcoure feta cheese along with some fresh and green lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and olives. An amazing salad at a super affordable rate. I absolutely loved the feta cheese


  • Olives and Mushroom Pizza – Being an absolute Mushroom fan my taste buds called out for this beauty. The thin crust pizza loaded with mushrooms, olives and cheese was an absolute delight to have. A lot of times dual topping pizza turn out to be boring. But it was not the case with this one which was served on a wooden board. Loved the topping, crust and the cheese


  • Mixed Sauce Fusilli Sauce Pasta – Pasta was super creamy and was served warm and fresh. The fusilli was cooked appropriately and the veggies gave it a complete orgasmic feeling. Sprinkled with cheese and broccoli, it is making me droll even now


  • Grand Orea Shake – Absolutely loved the Oreo shake. It was thick, tasted Orea and the best part – was aptly sweet. The yummy flavour just had me hooked onto the shake forever
  • The Nutella Shake – Shared this one with my friend, and it lovely as expected. Very chocolaty and yummilicous. Out of the world shake experience


  • Banoffee Pie – The very talked about Banoffee Pie of Yolo was there right in front of me and I was all rearing to dig in. Made of banana, cream and toffee on a crumbled biscuit base, prised at INR 100 is an absolute steal. The Banoffee was sheer stunner. Creamy banana and toffee amalgamation was very tasty with a superb biscuit base. Drool worthy


  • Blueberry Cheesecake – The lovely looking cheesecake was just okay to me. The price and quality literally amazed me


I had an amazing time at the Yolo Café with their awesome service, staff. The quality of items at such a decent price just amazed me. The Owner was all smiling and ensuring, everyone has a wonderful experience and time dining at Yolo 21 .

Would love to visit again for the above items and some more. Yeh I don’t mind dining with the same items again.
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We saw the food winking, smiling and alluring us but then we have to leave just to come back with more experiences from our EnticingFoodCruise


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