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This post is dedicated to all the girls/women who have hectic schedules throughout the day round the week and are left with no time to do touch ups. If you are working in a corporate, like me you will be able to relate to this all the more. My day sometimes gets so busy that I hardly get time to eat my food, forget touch up of Kajal or lipstick. So, here is a list of five affordable everyday makeup, which not only enhances your look but also stays longer on your face without making you feel like a drama queen. *Pun Intended*

1. Maybelline White Super Fresh Compact (INR 150)– One of my favorite’s for this season. After using it for continuous 2 months, I can finally recommend this product to all you lovely girls. Moisturize your face and apply this, and wait for the magical Result. This is what i do to my face every single day. Stays for good 8 hours without a single touch up.
2. Lakme CC Cream (INR 275)– Yes, we all have scars and blemishes and our natural face is not one of the prettiest one’s but it’s no harm camouflaging them with neutral tone CC cream (a blend of foundation and moisturizer). This provides very light coverage and makes your face shine, a hybrid of natural and made up.
3. Plum Goodness Angel Eyes Kohl Kajal (INR 425)– Eyes are the most important part of our face and hence highlighting then correctly with the right products make a huge impact. I have been using this eye liner since 4 months now and trust me this is my all time favorite. It stays for good 7-8 hours without any smudging on the upper eye lid. The staying power is not great for the water eye. I usually use it as an eye liner as it highlights my eyes after the application of the base. Totally worth the money.
4. Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara (INR 325)– Well, I have never faced issues with staying power of mascara’s. I am not sure whether it’s just me who feels this, or is it universal? However, I really like this Hyper Curl Mascara by Maybelline, as it makes my eye-lashes look full of life, even though I get hell tired due to back to back meetings.
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5. Peach Lipstick (INR 325 to 599)– A constant battle between lipstick v/s lip balm. My vote always goes to lip balms, but a tinge of Color never hurts. I prefer pinks, peach, neutral shades for my lips while I am in office. (Yes, I am not experiencing this way. I can’t wear red to work…!) I have tried a lot of brands and observed that a lipstick can’t last for more than 4-5 hours. And, wait in case you are thinking of eating a proper meal in between, you will be left with almost nothing on your lips. So, my vote goes to Maybelline Color Show Matte Lipstick – Peach PersonalityLakme 9 To 5 Matte Lip Color- Coral Incentive and SUGAR Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick – Holly Golightly for this. Choose the shade per your preference but don’t expect it to stay for like the entire day. ou can always apply Lakme Lip Love after meals as it is convenient and will make you lips feel less dry and chapped.
Hope you enjoyed this post!!
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