Top 10 International Travel Tips

Here are my Top 10 International Travel Tips to make your make your holiday full of wonderful memories –

  • Pack a balanced Itinerary – You take a vacation to run away from the hustle bustle of your daily routine. Everybody has different level of expectation from a holiday, some prefer exploring the landscapes and some prefer lounging on the beach bed enjoying the sunrise and sunset. But it is very crucial to always pack an itinerary that allows one to explore every aspect of a memorable holiday. Our suggestion would be to tick off the major tourist attraction while allowing some “Me Time” on your holiday. Go for a walk on the beach, read a book, do adventure sports. Otherwise you can just lie down on the beach side and witness the breathtaking beautiful sunset.


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Source – http://www.eccireland.ie


  • Pack it Light – Imagine yourself sweating out pulling off those huge briefcase on your most sought after vacation. Hence the merit lies in keeping the bags light and handy. Carry only that part of your wardrobe which is light on the weighing scale. Prioritize and pack the clothes which you really  need (Ladies should definitely keep in mind the mandate shopping spree on your holiday).
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Source – https://www.printerous.com

  • Roll Em Up – Rolling Up your clothes occupies less space rather than piling them up. The extra space provides you more room to pack that maybe top/tee, which you have already visualized yourself wearing on your vacation.
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  • Click Click Click – Holidays start and get over in no time, but the memories live forever. Make sure you carry your DSLR/iPhone or your latest smartphone to capture all the beautiful moments on your trip. Remember carrying extra batteries/power bank to keep your gadgets up and running through-out the day.
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  • Online Check-In– Put up reminder or turn on notification from your airline to remind you of the time your online check-in opens. Bunk the queue and spend more time shopping in duty free or exploring the airport.
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Source – www.flightcentre.com.au

  • First Aid – Make a small kit with your medicines and equip yourself with basic First Aid material, as you would hate to try a new medicine/doctor in a foreign land.
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  • Offline Maps – Even though you have booked and all your excursions are pre-planned, but ensure that you download Offline Maps of the area. Offline Maps can be used without an internet connection. They will just use your phone’s GPS to guide your back to hotel only if you are lost in small bylanes.

Source – www.crawlerguys.com

  • Do your Homework – Doing appropriate research has been a thing of past now, everybody does it. But, we would suggest to learn some common phrases of the local language of the place you are visiting. Consider taking directions from the local and do your best to acquire facts about must visit tourist places, cafes and markets
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Source – www.fluentu.com

  • International Lounge Access – Do Flight delays, Late night flights, Connecting Flights, layovers sends jitters down your spine. We suggest you to apply for a Credit Card which provides you lounge access across the world to experience Food, Drinks, Wi-Fi and recliners all of them either complimentary or at a throw away price. Experience a completely new aspect for your abroad travel.
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Source – http://money.cnn.com


Source – http://money.cnn.com

  • Travel Smart – Select your airplane seats intelligently. A bad airplane seat can a pain in the ass and quite literally if you are travelling international. Read through various blogs and pick up tips to select your seat. A lot of other articles on Seat Guru / Seat Plan can we a blessing in disguise
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Source – www.duvine.com

Happy Holidaying



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