5 Simple Tips for an Acne Prone Skin

“I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skincare, you really won’t need a lot of make-up”

Demi Moore.


I feel Skin Care is the first and foremost basic step in every girl’s life. I totally second Demi Moore’s statement. The biggest struggle we girl’s face every single day is to maintain the glow on the face, especially in this polluted, humid & sultry weather.

A college going student or a corporate professional or a homemaker, each one of us inherently dream of a smooth non oily skin throughout the day.

I too have an exceptionally oily skin with lots of breakouts. One thing I completely abide by today is that basics play a huge role, and nothing can be achieved by expensive skin care or makeup if your basic routine is not apt. If you make few lifestyle changes, you would be surprised at the results.

Here are five simple hacks that helped me to avoid breakouts and acne-

1. Ice Cubes is the answer- Put two ice cubes in a piece of cloth or handkerchief and rub it on your face. Massage it well on your T-Zones. Using ice cubes is one of the simplest of trick, as it helps in lesser oil secretion and intact the pores as well. Do this twice a day and trust me your face will get a natural glow after a span of 20-30 days (Yes, your skin type plays a huge role here!)


Did you know? That rubbing ice cubes on your face before applying makeup, makes it last for a longer duration.

2. Use Rose Water- I prefer rose water over a toner, as it ensures a smooth hydrating skin and if you continue to do this twice a day, trust me the skin will show amazing results. I keep a small bottle of rose water in my handbag and cotton strips and I try to massage my skin at least twice a day while I am working or travelling.



3. Wash your face- This is what we have been hearing since childhood, when our mom’s used to scold us, but did we ever pay heed? This is one of those simplest of things which people forget to include in their routine. Do you know the logic behind people saying that you should wash your face as many times as possible? Water is a free flowing liquid which never lets any pollutant or microscopic germs to settle on your face. We might not feel it, but there are 1000’s of things which settle on our face and body and ultimately results in breakouts. Water is your answer here!!! Wet wipes can come to your rescue as well.




4. Always take off your make up– If you are in a habit of using make up daily or you are one of those who just puts a kohl, a dash of lipstick, in both situations it is very important to wipe off all the makeup before you doze off to bed. Make sure you incorporate an Oil & Water based make up remover. This will not only help in making your skin breathe and feel light once that artificial layer is taken off. I am not an extensive make up person, but I do apply a layer of eye liner and mascara and a lip shade. To get this off I use a Body Shop Oil & Water Based make up remover daily.




5. Use Face Pack- There are ample face pack options available in the market. How do you choose? Always go for a pack which is made of natural ingredients and is least prone to allergies. Face Packs made of neem is a great way to treat acne prone skin and Multani Mitti can be used to get a naturally fair skin tone. Choose the one which goes with your skin type and start using it at least twice a week.

facepack1 facepack

These fixes will not only ensure a lesser acne and breakouts, but a healthy and brighter skin.

Great Skin is the key to confidence!!!


Neelaakshi Piplani

P.S- This blog is based on my personal experience and would vary for different skin types. I would love to hear back your experiences/tips, so do comment below.

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