Gluten Intolrent ? Try Gio Gluten Free from Harvest Gold

Tolerant to gluten? Don’t worry. Gio Gluten Free from the house of Harvest Gold is here for your rescue.



They have recently introduced a range of Gluten Free products which consists of Breads & Buns for a healthy breakfast and Masala Roti for a quick lunch.

This range caters to the people with gluten intolerance and contributes to their well-being.

Gio Gluten Free range promotes easily availability of gluten-free products in Delhi NCR.

You just have to get online and place your order on www.harvestgold.in and it will be delivered to a store close to you.

The Gio products are manufactured in a separate plant which leaves no margin for cross contamination. The raw ingredients are also procured from special facilities. The products are independently tested and certified by reputed FSSAI accredited labs.

Do try, for a healthy today and healthier tomorrow.

Neelaakshi Piplani

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