Being Juliet- Monthly Subscription Box for Girls

“People often joke about PMS but it’s true – your menstrual cycle does affect your body and spirit. Being Juliet is here to make these days a little lighter, a lot brighter and definitely more pleasant”

Pampering, cheering and indulging all the young ladies during their period cycle is one heck of a task and Being Juliet, a monthly subscription box catering to the young ladies promises to make their period cycle fun and less draining every month.

This subscription box is unlike other options is filled with sanitary essentials, period pain comforters and thoughtful gifts put together to give it a personalized touch and to ensure their recipients get a “feel good factor”


Contents of Juliet Subscription Box

This is the first time I tried this unique and extraordinary service and I can truly say it is worth the penny. None of us today have the time to pamper ourselves during those 5 painful days and we tend to act ignorant. Think of it like this, somebody knocks your door and hands over a bouquet of orchids on your second day of cycle, wouldn’t it bring a smile to your face? I am sure it would and Being Juliet targets to get that same smile on every single women in India.

Have a look at my My August Being Jade Box which is divided into five broad categories-

  1. Pain Reliever of the month- Azwain, which prevents bloating and helps digestion. The second product here is Ayurvedic Bliss Herbal Tea which is 100% caffeine free and has no tea leaves in it and helps in detoxifying your body and reliving stress.
Azwain & Ayurvedic Tea

Azwain & Ayurvedic Tea

  1. Sanitation Essential- I Love Clean Disposal Bags is best for hygienic disposal of intimate care products (Tampons, Pads, Baby diapers, condoms etc.)
Disposal Bags

Disposal Bags

  1. Beauty Essential- Now, this is actually thoughtful of the team. We women tend to ignore our skin during this time and thus, Palmer’s CCB lotion which is loaded with Vitamin E and cocoa butter will come to the rescue of dry skin.
Cocoa Butter Palmer's CCB Lotion

Cocoa Butter Palmer’s CCB Lotion

  1. Mood Lifters- A sample of All Good scents and a cute stylish Sanitary Pouch are definitely great mood lifters.

Sanitary Pouch & Perfume Sample

  1. Pads/Tampons/Liners- My personalized selection of Pads, Tampons, Liners across brands- Whisper, Stay free, Carefree, Sofy and much more
Selection of Pads/Liners/Tampons

Selection of Pads/Liners/Tampons

This subscription service is available in 3 Variants and below are the 3 months subscription prices for each one-

Be Jane- INR 900 inclusive of customized selection of 15 Pads/Digital Tampons/Liner.

Be Juliet- INR 1650 inclusive of customized selection of 20 Pads/Digital Tampons/Liners + Gifts

Be Jade- INR- 3200 inclusive of customized selection of 20 Pads/Applicator Tampons/Liners + Gifts


Be Jade-August Box

So this is what you have to do to order your very own Being Juliet Box and add a little bit of fun to your PMS-

  1. Log in to www.beingjuliet.com
  2. Choose up to 20 sanitary essentials (a combination of Pads, Tampons and Liners) per your flow and brand preference.
  3. Key in your period details- First day, Duration, Frequency.
  4. Choose the type of subscription- 3 months, 6 months, 12 months
  5. Choose the mode of payment. (They have COD option as well!!)

Tada, you are done. Sit back and wait for your goodie box to arrive. The Being Juliet box arrives 5 days before your period, exactly during your PMS!!!!

Mark the date and wait for the box to arrive

Mark the date and wait for the box to arrive


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