The California Boulevard – Rajouri


Amongst the everyday mushrooming café and restaurants in this street of Rajouri Garden, one place which has stood tall, high and proud is The California Boulevard. Extremely royal and classic, unmatched food quality and extraordinary service are some of the factors which promises its Royal Guests a Wow experience.

The California Boulevard has indeed established itself as one of the elite place in the restaurant circle of Delhi, and it of course features in my list of hot favourites too. The entrance to the place will make you step into a completely different world and would surround you will luxury with their lovely red carpet laid out elegantly to welcome its guests amongst the English style lamp shades.


A step in towards to the restaurant and you will be greeted by lovely smiling faces and the masculine Harley Davidson. The place is adorned by plush sofas, luxurious sit backs, English style lamp posts and beautiful chandeliers. Operating with one more floor it offers them room to accommodate more people and also provides the guest a very private dine-in area decorated with luxurious golden sofa chair an all exclusive VIP treatment.


We stared our highly anticipated food cruise by taking up a posh, royal blue and silver stone studded high back sofas with table and pure white napkins placed delicately on the table. We were greeted by a small tablet transforming to a hand towel by pouring hot water over it.


We started off our meal by selecting their signature – Dilli Ki Chaat which is essentially crispy spinach. Tamarind, mint chutney and yogurt topped over the very fresh and crispy spinach leaf

Chef Special Seasonal Salad – The salad was super duper fresh, with green lettuce, extremely juicy and sweet sphere cut watermelon and feta cheese to go along with the sweetness


Thai Wok Fried Chicken – Marinated with Soy and Garlic, these chicken pieces were pretty well cooked along with honey and chilli


Duo of Paneer Tikka – Aptly described by the name, this was a dual faced Paneer Tikka dish. The dish looked good with green and red paneer decorated elegantly by the pink coloured salad on the side. The green paneer cubes was marinated in Kaffir Lime and the red ones were marinated in pomegranda masala and also filled some portion in the cottage cheese cube as well


Chicken Satay – The super soft and well cooked chicken strips were carefully presented along with the sticks and peanut butter. Loved the soft taste and the spices


Golden Crispy Cups– Surprisingly good presentation. The kernels came in small cute heart and circular shaped crispy cups. Lovely presentation of the cups filled with corns, carrots, mushrooms and chestnuts in a tangy red sauce were too good. A pretty different and a light hearted dish, I must say


Khumb Aur Singhade ki Galouti – We only ordered the dish to try something different. Sighade Galouti sounded interesting. The Galouti was super duper fresh and soft. It was crumbling while picking it up. Could not believe that we were having a Veg Galouti, tasted a bit bitter because of the presence of Singhade. Did not fancy them much though, but loved the tic-tac-toe presentation. Melted in mouth seconds after placing on the toungue


Tropical Veggie Burger – My all time favourite burger came in as make your own burger. The buns had lettuce and other veggies along with the tikki which was topped with cheese and served separately. Along with this came along some potato wedges. The Burger and the tikki was just wow. Absolutely loved the flavours and the wonderful texture of the buns



Virgin Sangria with fruits was just fantastic but could not beat the Green Apple and clove lemonade. The fizz of the lemonade and the essence of the clove made it so very addicting, that I just could not hold myself with a single sip. I quite literally took quite a few gulps of the mocktail at once. One of the best mocktail/lemode I have tasted till date.



• TCB Kulfi Gajjak – Finally the star was in front of us after such a long wait. I was tempted by this dessert since long. The unending mention by my foodie friends and the lovely Instagram posts of the same had made this wait feel like a lifetime. We saw the chef walking along with their flame torch and faming the two cute kulfi kajak balls placed on either side of the plate. Torching them helped the chocolate layer to melt and amalgamate with the kulfi a lot better. First bite and I could taste the kulfi, chocolate and the gajak. Oh so lovely. It’s one of the flavours which are really difficult to explain. I would suggest head out to TCB and have this piece of art


Chocolate Nutella Torte – Another beautiful looking dessert, which by the look was full of chocolate. But unlike the chocolate flakes and dripping chocolate, it was a multi-layered cake chocolate cookie crust making the interior of the torte light on chocolate and crisp. Topped with Nutella Ganache is a must try for sure


Special mention of the Executive Sous Chef who was a great company throughout the meal, making sure everything is nearly perfect. Going by his signature style of talking to the customers, he interacted with us, enlightened us with the vast array of food knowledge and experience. Thoroughly enjoyed the conversation.

Would also like to applause our server Sanjeet for providing us a seamless dining experience TCB and rightfully representing what TCB is all about – Amazing food & drinks, out of the world hospitality and unmatchable dining experience.
Never wanted to leave the place, but had to after our meal to come back with more experience from our enticingfoodcruise, and my sweet tooth loved the after the meal Foxs too. TCB surely knows how to win hearts of all the customers visiting them.

We saw the food winking, smiling and alluring us but then we have to leave just to come back with more experiences from our EnticingFoodCruise

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